What We Do

Striving to improve both awareness and access to vital resources for children, teens and families in underserved areas and populations.

The Foundation works to develop, implement, and refer essential resources to underserved populations of children, teens, and families. By partnering with like-minded organizations through funding and various efforts, and by seeking to address the challenges of those most in need, we continue to work to implement strategies that will bring about necessary and real change in our communities. Areas of focus are character and leadership development, healthy living and eating, support for single parent families, educational counseling and assistance, and individual and family mentorship, with the goal to improve outcomes for children, teens, and families of all socio-economic backgrounds.

When we focus on those experiencing the greatest hardships and challenges, we give hope to the future for everyone.

Utilizing the game near and dear to Jayson’s heart, the Foundation annually sponsors approximately 100 boys and girls to attend an all-expenses paid one day summer Basketball Camp & Leadership Program.  This unique annual program features character building, leadership development, community awareness and basketball training.  During the Leadership Program, the children and teens will hear from role models who are making a positive impact in our community.


The goal of the Basketball Camp & Leadership Program is to identify and encourage leaders among the participants and to encourage them to become involved to make constructive changes in their families, neighborhoods, schools and community.

What Happens at the Basketball Camp & Leadership Program:
While attending the summer Basketball Camp & Leadership Program, participants are challenged on and off the basketball court. While part of each day is spent learning basketball skills, performing drills and refining techniques, participants will also spend time learning about life. Guest speakers encourage them to set goals, work hard and make positive life decisions each day that will directly impact their future. Through interaction with Jayson Tatum and others, participants learn that discovering and understanding their purpose in life can make the difference in achieving their true potential.


The Foundation will annually identify agencies and organizations in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area who need assistance and donations during crucial times of the year, such as each new school year and the Christmas holiday season. Through the “New Backpack & New School Supplies Collection” and the "Daddy & Deuce Toy & Coat Drive", the Foundation, with the help of partnering organizations, will solicit donations of coats, hats, gloves, scarves, toys, books and games for the benefit of the children and families these agencies serve.


The Foundation is committed to help youth live healthy, productive, successful lifestyles as we provide mentoring services through our programs, Jayson's blogs and articles, appearances, and other social media.